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Solar Financing & Feed In Tariffs

What other improvements can you make to your home or business which add both value and improve sustainability while paying you tax free cash?

Going solar now brings really significant financial benefits and many of our customers are using their roof as an investment instead of more traditional savings routes.
So how can your roof make you money?

1. The Export Tariff

The government pays you for the electricity that you don’t use yourself. This is called the export tariff because it is paid for the electricity that you ‘export’ back to the national grid.

2. Bill Savings

This is all the money you save for all the electricity you produce and don't have to buy from the electricity company. You normally pay your electricity company about 15p for each ‘unit’ that you use so this is an additional benefit to you.

3. The Feed-in Tariff

Feed-In Tariffs were introduced on 1st April 2010 and replaced UK government grants as the main financial incentive to encourage uptake of renewable electricity-generating technologies. You earn from every kilowatt hour generated, regardless of whether you use it or not.

The income is guaranteed for 20 years and index-linked, meaning it will go up each year with inflation. The savings would grow even quicker if electricity prices go up more than inflation (which they have for the past decade). It’s also tax free, unlike many other investments.

Here’s the summary of savings:
• The Government tariff is currently 12.47p/kWh for every unit you produce if EPC of D or above. This is currently being reviewed.
• The export tariff rate is 4.85p/kWh for all new solar PV installations.
• The tariff period (lifetime) is locked in for 20 years for all new solar PV installations.

Type of Income / Saving


Average annual income from unused generated electricity exported to the grid**
(4.85p for every unit)


Average annual saving from using generated electricity**


Average annual income from FiT**
(Based on the current rate of 12.47p/kWh for every unit you produce


Average yearly income and savings**


** Based on the equivalent saving of 14p per standard unit rate of electricity, which may vary from time to time, and a proposed Feed-in-Tariff of 12.47p/kWh as mandated by Government as of 1st November 2012 plus 4.85p/kWh as an export tariff from Southern Electric (deemed FiT export level set by the Government in Article 14(b) of the Feed-in-Tariffs Order 2010. For retrofit systems ‹4kW. Cost base on a 4 kWp system, fully installed including delivery and VAT and an annual output of 3434 kWh and 50% of the energy consumed within the house – south facing with the 30 degree pitch. Actual energy savings vary depending on a householder’s circumstances. Figures subject to change following Government market assessments every 3 months from 1st August 2012. Source:

We will happily give you a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to make from your roof, given the most current FIT rates.

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