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‘Is my home or business suitable?’

There are lots of things to consider before investing in a PV system. Most homes are suitable but if yours happens not to be, we will tell you quickly and honestly. Listed here are a few factors to consider. There is more information on the FAQ or please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.

Which way does your roof face?
If your roof faces north then PV is not suitable. Due south is ideal but anything 90° either side is also acceptable. Even an east or west-facing flat roof can produce 90% of the electricity that a perfectly oriented roof would produce.

How steep is your roof?
The next thing is the pitch (angle) of the roof, Once again there is an ideal angle, 30°-40°, but other angles are ok. For the relevant percentage of output at different combinations of pitch/angle see the table below:

How big is your roof?
Next there is area. Put simply, the bigger your roof, the more solar panels you can fit onto it and the more green electricity you can produce. With the latest mono crystalline modules the area required is approximately 8m2 for a 1kWp system, 12m2 for a 1.5kWp system, 16m2 for a 2kWp system and so on. (more in the FAQ).

How shaded is your roof?
Any shading can have a detrimental effect on the output of any system. It is important to consider any surrounding buildings (or potential surrounding buildings) and any trees (or potential trees!) when considering any site for PV installation.

Planning permission/consent:
Planning permission is not usually needed for domestic or commercial installations. Renewable energy systems benefited from a recent relaxation of planning regulations and now most systems fall within ‘permitted development rights’. Exceptions can be if you live in a Conservation Area or the installation is planned for a listed building.
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